About us

Waltz sets the standard in premium travel, offering you a richer vacation experience by simply giving you MORE. Waltz offers MORE quality hotels, MORE included features of transport and MORE experience. With a perfectly balanced services you’ll get inside visits to places that you’ll merely see from the outside with other travel companies, all with deeper known insights, engaging commentary, and unique cultural experiences with guides who are considered the best in the business. This is what Waltz sees in near future to win accolades and awards from both the travel industry and consumers year after year. Our team has a sound national market reputation based on years of experience in the trade with many distinguished visitors to Lucknow. We also have personal testimonials from many of these people complimenting us on our working, knowledge, and professional standing. With leisure travel as a core business we are also involved into corporate travel solutions. Waltz Tours India owns a self owned fleet of cars (from economy to luxury) , unmatchable guides who are dedicated for Waltz only. We have access to huge infrastructure with 500 sq ft of office space, latest telecommunication instruments, increased buying power, above all 24 hours feedback support and MORE fine tuned services that is and will always be our strength. We at Waltz believe in making rules for ourselves as hard as we can but are lenient to others so that we may set an example for others. We also understand the value of time so amongst ourselves we have made a rule that if we are not on time on any assignment one may assume that we are no MORE in the world.