Responsible Tourism
under our policy of “Clearing debts to the society” we adopted these kids and started educating them in our own manner. Whilst we want to encourage as many people as we can to venture beyond their doorsteps and experience what the rest of the world has to offer, we also want to do it responsibly. To do this, we do a number of things:  “Clearing debts to the society”... Since we believe that we owe a lot to the society and have to give back at least a fractional of what we have taken in terms of happiness, co-operation, moral support etc. and have to return back the same to the society. Waltz India has chosen to educate a kids for at least one year so that they may be aware of the fruits of education and contribute a bit to the society. Our team of Waltz Tours have taken an oath to educate at least one kid for the entire year of the nearby slums or for that matter any kid whose parents cannot afford to bear the cost of their education . We’ll educate these kids in our office / home only, twice a week and will also offer them a stipend of INR 500 per month so that they may be encouraged to know the importance of education and may become a responsible citizens in future. This step is just an effort to pay our debts to the society and to make the parents and kids smile for a good reason. In this way we can mould the lives of underpriviledged children into a meaningful future. For children of families living on the very edge of existence, these little things can be life changing. “Walk a mile” (to conserve natural resources from office to destination) - Our staff members do not use their own vehicles to reach office at least once a month. They prefer to use the public transport or walk as much as possible. It’s an effort to save our town and country from unnecessary emission of different dangerous gases and to contribute our best to the make our town an eco friendly town. “Paperless Office” - We encourage all our team members to minimize the use of papers and other stationery in office. Please respect the environment: many places are ill-equipped to deal with the waste we produce. Get rid of excess packaging before you travel and take what you can home with you. Rubbish collection and recycling are in their infancy in some countries. Remember that many sewage systems cannot cope with manufactured products, including toilet paper, in which case a bin is provided. Don’t pick plants or flowers and keep to footpaths don’t buy items made from endangered species (ivory, animal skins or coral) don’t buy artefacts which purport to be ancient, nor express any interest in them. If they are ancient it will encourage site-robbing, and if not you have been misled do avoid wasting water. It may cause resentment for visitors to be seen squandering a commodity which local people trudge miles to collect “Respecting local culture”: visiting other cultures must sometimes be treated with care. We are all ambassadors of our own. We explain every tourist to dress in a way that will not offend or give inappropriate signals. Our local guides will often inform parties about current local customs, traditions, religion, diet and every day life in the countries we visit and we encourage contact with local people as much as possible. Supporting Local people: Some of the destinations we visit are very poor. Small change which may mean very little to us can make a great difference to those who are working there. It is often only embarrassment or the fear of attracting unwanted attention which stops us from giving to those who are clearly in need. Hawkers selling postcards outside a site, for example, may seem to pester tourists disembarking from a coach, but their postcards are often the only ones to be had, may be very good value, and the money we give may support their entire family. Using services offered by local people helps bring much-needed money into their economy. Having said this, there are always those out to play the system, and it can be as well to be aware of local scams! We encourage our staff to maximize the use of recycled paper products or paper from a sustainable source wherever possible. Our office uses energy-saving light bulbs and we recycle as much as we can – from our coffee jars to our trade magazines. “Plant a Sapling” – Our team members have decided to plant a sapling on our Birthdays. In our view this is the best way to celebrate this occasion. It helps us in many ways. We're also fastidious about turning all our equipment off when not in use. Try it - you'll help save the environment as well as a small fortune!